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"We have purchased a Shop Dog unit for all of our AgriVision Equipment and PrairieLand Partners locations. As we looked at the ROI for the units, it was clear that they add a huge amount of efficiency to our inspection process, while adding a higher level of safety for all our technicians with less machine noise in the service departments and slower RPM’s as machines are turning. The adoption within our teams has been astronomical as they have found ways to use the machines to continue to improve the quality of service we are providing to our customers"


“Not having to fight yard tractors, dead batteries, and demo hours on new tractors has paid for our Shop Dog by itself. We use the Shop Dog every day, and it has paid for itself numerous times over the 5 years we have owned it. We couldn't imagine being without it; sometimes one just isn't enough. The Shop Dog is a valuable asset for any shop not wanting to waste billable hours."

Keith, Owner, Churchill Equipment

"The Shop Dog is a no-brainer, do not drag your feet!"

Trevor, President, Brown Co.



I am really amazed at how well it works. The guys in the shop love it. There are no tractors in the middle of shop taking up space and no exhaust fumes. We have used it on hay baler inspections and our mower conditioners."

J.D., Service Manager, Wright Implement


"The Shop Dog works very well for us in our equipment setup area. With the three hydraulic functions, electrical power source, along with the PTO drive saves many uncountable hours on a tractor that we borrowed from the sales lot. (Saves cleaning tractor cab for sales after we are done)

The remote controlled hydraulic function on the one outlet is a real time saver as well."

Best money I have spent for the business !

KB Repair, LLC.

Kevin, Owner, KB Repair


Gordon, Owner, Ag Land


"We purchased our Shop Dog in December 2014, and it has been one of our most used tools since.  The Shop Dog has made our shop more efficient and saves us uncountable hours when servicing balers.  The technicians use this machine at least twice a week instead of hooking up tractors or running flywheels by hand to check adjustments.  I can easily say it has been one of the best investments I have ever made and it continues to pay for itself over and over again."

Brandon, Owner, Robbins Equipment


"I am surprised how often we use The Shop Dog. Every time I walk through the shop The Shop Dog is hooked up and running an implement. It really speeds up the pre-delivery and reconditioning on our equipment line. The Shop Dog's electrical power connections are a great feature! I think we need an hour meter to track how many tractor hours we have saved. My technicians are very happy, they have thanked me several times for purchasing The Shop Dog."

Brian, Owner, Billings Farmhand


“We work primarily on round and square balers, but anything with a PTO or hydraulics gets hooked up right away without even questioning. This saves 30 minutes on every job. We don’t have the time to hunt around to find a tractor whenever a simple operation needs to be done on an implement. The Shop Dog’s wireless control often times eliminates the need for a second technician and gives much better control than a tractor. We are projecting a complete return on The Shop Dogs in 5 years just through efficiencies.....and then there is the safety and convenience factor as well. These machines pay for themselves!”

Shad, Service Manager, Stotz Equipment


"Our service techs love the Shop Dog! When I first showed the service department the brochure about it they were skeptical and wondered if it would get used enough to justify the cost. I asked Brendan at Shop Dog if I could speak to a few dealers who had them. Once I heard how other dealers used them I felt comfortable to make the investment. Wow!....What an asset it has turned out to be. We are thinking about investing in a second unit because it gets used so often."

Jae, Owner, Koletzky Implement

Screen Shot 2020-10-30 at 12.00.01

 Reed, Director of Service, Agrivision Equipment, PrairieLand Partners

"We have added Shop Dog units to many of our shops and have found them to be one of

the better investments we have made. They get used regularly and provide a safe

and efficient way to run the equipment we work on every day.

The Shop Dog allows us to handle the PTO and hydraulic needs inside of our facilities

without starting up a tractor. The unit is easy to maneuver, takes up very little space

and best of all – no smoke from a tractor running and less noise. We can even hook

them to a combine and rotate them which allows us to do even better machine

inspections. We love our Shop Dogs."

Glen, Corporate Service Manager, AKRS Equipment


"I am a service technician with LandMark Implement in Holdrege, Nebraska with 33 years’ experience. The Shop Dog is a great tool for our shop. We have used it on several hay balers and for set up of several tillage machines. It is nice to have something compact that can operate all the functions and not have to rely on a tractor to do these jobs.

We also use it to check over combines. The nice part about this is with the remote you can slowly turn the machine to check belts and elevator chains. While checking the rotor it allows you to get close and have a good view of the machine. The Shop Dog is very user friendly and a great tool to have, it makes work a lot easier."

John, Service Tech, Landmark Implement


"American Implement was recently introduced to The Shop Dog and I was invited to share my thoughts...First let me say what a great experience we have had with The Shop Dog team. They offered us an opportunity to demo a unit to actually experience the value of the unit, providing training and insight that we would not have gained without that opportunity, it was a great experience. I have always considered myself an innovator looking to find new and inventive ways to improve on what we do for the benefit of both our customers and AI. When I was first approached, I immediately saw the obvious benefits, but as we took it across our AOR, every team began to see more and more potential applications. By the end of the demo it was clear to me that we needed to own a Shop Dog and I placed the order for our first unit. I am also confident that this will lend to multiple orders in the future. Even though the unit is very easy to move from location to location, the demand will eventually qualify multiple units. If you are interested in adding a whole new level of performance for your dealer group, I strongly recommend you look at a Shop Dog!"

Robert, Corporate Service Manager, American Implement


"We are an 8 Store John Deere Dealership and currently have 7 units at our shops. We have found the Shop Dog to be as essential in our shops as a wrench or computer to diagnose and fix equipment. Our Winner location has two (2) Gen 4 Models that are always being used. We service a lot of hay equipment at this location and almost everyday one, if not both units are running something- primarily balers and moco’s. It is so much quieter, cleaner, efficient and safer for our technicians to operate vs the traditional way of hooking up a tractor, climbing up and down and running it in the shop. Having a remote control on the Shop Dog allows our technicians the ability to get closer to the piece of equipment while feeling safe, but still being able to diagnose the problem. The unit runs slow, which is a huge safety bonus- techs can focus on the piece of equipment they are working on vs a fast pto shaft. Because the Shop Dog is electric and on wheels we are able to move it anywhere in the shop that we need. We utilized the combine adapter for John Deere “S” Series and can run the entire unit. In one instance we had to change out the rotor threshing elements, which can be a tricky process because when you remove the threshing element the rotor wants to put the weight on the bottom. With the use of the Shop Dog and remote control our technician was able to slowly turn the rotor to where he needs it, remove the wear item(s) without fear of the rotor turning on him all while completing the job in one half to two thirds the time it would normally take. In this instance the safety and productivity for our technician was well worth the investment of the unit.

My personal opinion is if you are running a shop without the Shop Dog you are doing a disservice to your employees and customers, the efficiency and safety of the unit far outweighs the initial investment. Our goal is to have all locations utilizing the Shop Dog in the very near future."

Thad, Service Manager, Grossenburg Implement

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