"The Shop Dog is a no-brainer, do not drag your feet!"

-Trevor, President, Brown Co.

"We purchased our Shop Dog in December 2014, and it has been one of our most used tools since.  The Shop Dog has made our shop more efficient and saves us uncountable hours when servicing balers.  The technicians use this machine at least twice a week instead of hooking up tractors or running flywheels by hand to check adjustments.  I can easily say it has been one of the best investments I have ever made and it continues to pay for itself over and over again."

-Brandon, Owner, Robbins Equipment

"Our service techs love the Shop Dog! When I first showed the service department the brochure about it they were skeptical and wondered if it would get used enough to justify the cost. I asked Brendan at Shop Dog if I could speak to a few dealers who had them. Once I heard how other dealers used them I felt comfortable to make the investment. Wow!....What an asset it has turned out to be. We are thinking about investing in a second unit because it gets used so often."

“Not having to fight yard tractors, dead batteries, and demo hours on new tractors has paid for our Shop Dog by itself. We use the Shop Dog every day, and it has paid for itself numerous times over the 5 years we have owned it. We couldn't imagine being without it; sometimes one just isn't enough. The Shop Dog is a valuable asset for any shop not wanting to waste billable hours."

"I’m the owner of a business, the shop is a huge part of my overseeing, and The Shop Dog is hooked up almost every day. The Shop Dog is an investment, but it fills a need and we don’t need a tractor hooked up to operate air drills in the shop. If I took The Shop Dog out of the shop right now, my technicians would notice that the most. It gets used so much, probably 2-3 hours a day."

"I am surprised how often we use The Shop Dog. Every time I walk through the shop The Shop Dog is hooked up and running an implement. It really speeds up the pre-delivery and reconditioning on our equipment line. The Shop Dog's electrical power connections are a great feature! I think we need an hour meter to track how many tractor hours we have saved. My technicians are very happy, they have thanked me several times for purchasing The Shop Dog."

— Brian, Owner, Billings Farmhand

— Jae, Owner, Koletzky Implement

— Keith, Owner, Churchill Equipment

— Galen, Owner, Zerbe Brothers


I am really amazed at how well it works. The guys in the shop love it. There are no tractors in the middle of shop taking up space and no exhaust fumes. We have used it on hay baler inspections and our mower conditioners."

-J.D., Service Manager, Wright Implement

Best money I have spent for the business !

KB Repair, LLC.

-Kevin, Owner, KB Repair, LLC.

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