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  • 21 Spline, 1-3/8" PTO Shaft (adaptable to 20 spline, 1-3/4" PTO and 540 PTO) 

    • 4 Speeds--8 RPM, 20 RPM, 60 RPM, 120 RPM​

  • 3 Sets of Pioneer Hydraulic Couplers (One Set of Couplers Feature Wireless Capability)

    • 3000 PSI @ 5 GPM​

  • Easy Access Filter and Oil Fill

  • Case Drain for Low Pressure Oil Return

  • Automatically maintained internal battery

  • Battery Posts with Shut Off

  • Light Receptacle

  • Ram Mount for Monitors

  • D-Rings

  • 50 Feet of Cord

  • Oil Canister

  • Extendable Hitch

  • Redesigned PTO Adapter, Hitch Pin, and accessory carrier

  • Monitor Power

  • Wireless Charging Remote Control

What else can I get for the shop dog?


   If you are working on air drills, combine headers, hay balers, pull-type mowers, or hay rakes, (any implement that has PTO, hydraulics, or 12 volt power) The Shop Dog is for you.


   Our goal at Shop Dog Industries is to make the mechanic’s life easier. With features such as hydrostatic PTO, hydraulic remotes, and a 12 volt DC power system, The Shop Dog allows you to use all the same power sources as a tractor--without the tractor.


   We built The Shop Dog with quality in mind. We start with nearly all 1/4” steel on the frame for a strong foundation. Then we use high quality electrical and hydraulic components to assure that The Shop Dog is a trouble-free tool in your shop for a long time to come. We top it all off by powder-coating the frame and sheet metal so The Shop Dog will look good as new for as long as possible. 

Pair The Shop Dog with our new product, the ISOcase, for total tractor and implement replication--LEARN MORE!


  • Eliminate the need for a tractor when working on any PTO or hydraulically driven implement

  • Operate your implements at much slower speeds with precise control

  • Reduce the number of technicians required on each job

  • Reduce noise pollution 

  • Create a safe solution to working around moving equipment

  • Increase billable service hours

  • Quick payback and return on investment

  • Baler schools, training, etc.



Quick Start Guide

Spec Sheet

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