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Our Story

In the winter of 2009, Brad Moss, son of a local Massey Ferguson dealership owner near Bozeman, Montana, worked tirelessly to develop a shop tool that could boost the efficiency for the service department. Being that the technicians worked day in and day out on hay equipment, there was an obvious need to be able to run PTO driven implements slower. This is where The Shop Dog was born.


By the end of the winter of 2009, Brad had developed what was the original Shop Dog, which is still faithfully operating equipment of all types. While he had developed an excellent foundation for The Shop Dog, he wasn't satisfied, knowing there was more he could add to it. He toyed with different ideas over the next couple years.


In the summer of 2013,  Brad asked childhood friend Brendan Leep to work with him and start Shop Dog Industries. They make an excellent team, Brad is a mechanical genius that loves to build, and Brendan loved to work with customers and was fascinated at the idea of selling an industry-exclusive tool. 


Throughout that summer and fall, Brad and Brendan worked to develop The Shop Dog into what it is today. Brad worked to add more functionality to the machine by adding the 12 volt power supply and remote control, and expanded hydraulic capabilities. During this time Brendan helped Brad with development but was also in the beginning stages of marketing. 


In the late fall of 2013, Brad and Brendan started hitting the road, showing their new industry-exclusive shop tool to the local implement dealerships around Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming. They have expanded their horizons, adding more features to The Shop Dog as they went, realizing that different implement dealers had different desires about what they needed out of The Shop Dog.


December of 2015 brought forth even more excitement. Shop Dog Industries has always tried to speak with their customers about what they like or would change about their Shop Dog. With several customers giving input, Shop Dog Industries released the Gen. 3 Shop Dog. Boosting hydraulic capacity to 30 gallons, adding a sight glass, and the ability to turn the Shop Dog on or off with the remote control. Shop Dog Industries added all of these features while making the Shop Dog even easier to use, more efficient, and safer than ever before!


Shop Dog Industries continues to grow, the message continues to spread, and implement dealerships around the country are savings thousands and thousands of dollars with The Shop Dog, while making their technicians happier, and keeping their work environments safer and cleaner.

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