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This is a set including two PTO adapters, and a hitch pin. All of these can be conveniently carried on The Shop Dog's PTO adapter and hitch pin carrier.


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Small 1000 to Big 1000 Adapter

The perfect heavy duty PTO adapter for your Shop Dog. This is a small 1000 (1-3/8" 21 spline) to big 1000 (1-3/4" 20 spline) PTO adapter. This adapter can be conveniently carried in The Shop Dog's pto and hitch pin carrier.


Not only is this a great PTO adapter for The Shop Dog, it can also be used on tractors up to 150 HP.


Small 1000 to 540 Adapter


This Small 1000 (21 Spline)  to 540 PTO Adapter is the perfect match for your Shop Dog. It can be conveniently carried in the Shop Dog's hitchpin and PTO adapter carriers.


This is also a terrific PTO adapter for tractor use. This adapter reduces the tractor's PTO from 1-3/8" x 21 spline to 1-3/8 6 spline (540) and extends the PTO shaft 4-1/8". It has an overall length of 6-3/8" and is rated for tractors up to 70 HP.


Heavy Duty Hitch Pin


Heavy duty hitch pin for your Shop Dog! It an excellent fit to help ensure strong stabilization during Shop Dog operation. It also is carried conveniently by The Shop Dog in the PTO adapter and hitch pin carrier.


This heavy duty hitch pin can be used in any application requiring a hitch pin.


This heavy duty hitch pin measures 1-1/2" x 8-1/2".

PTO Adapter and Hitch Pin Set

$535.00 Regular Price
$395.00Sale Price
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